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We strive to offer accessible expertise while assisting our clients navigate the complexities of their specific situation.  HCG operates in a consultative environment, which gives us the flexibility to offer a network of professionals with complementary skill sets and backgrounds, and varying experience and expertise.  This platform helps us address the requirements of unique litigation, valuation and forensic assignments most efficiently and effectively.  


As forensic accountants, we analyze complex financial and accounting issues and assist our clients address the challenges they are facing.  This may include conducting a financial investigation or fraud examination, assisting business venture partners in settling contract payments, or assisting management with evaluating its internal controls or other policies and procedures critical to carrying out core missions.  It may also mean valuing a business interest for divorce, tax planning, or business succession planning.   Our array of services is ever-evolving because 'life happens', so please ask about your needs, if you don't see the answer to your question below:

  • Litigation Support Services:  As a general rule, it's best to engage an expert early in litigation, or prior to a filing.  When you're not certain if you will need an expert, but are certain you need help parsing or articulating "financial facts" you may need a forensic accountant's help.  This type of consulting assignment may lead to provision of additional services, if necessary.
  • Forensic Accounting:  This catch-all phrase literally means, performing accounting-type services for Court.  It encompasses scenarios where an expert is needed to help the trier of fact understand the financial facts, including:
    • Financial Investigations:  Often confused with "fraud examinations", this type of assignment is necessary to answer a more broad question, "what happened to the money"?
    • Fraud Examination: These assignments are responsive to specific assertions of financial wrong-doing, and are only undertaken once "predication" (reason to believe it occurred) exists.  Only the trier of fact can conclude a fraud has occurred, but the fraud examiner can certainly report on the facts leading to the determination.
    • Business Valuations: Valuations are necessary not just in litigation, but for other purposes including financial, estate and business succession planning.  We appreciate that each valuation is unique to its circumstances, and take care to avoid the "cookie-cutter" approach.  
  • Expert Testimony: Any of these engagements may lead to the need for expert testimony.  HCG and specifically, Cheryl Hyder, has provided expert testimony in several Virginia courts as well as in the District of Columbia Superior Court. She has also testified in several matters only at deposition, whereby the underlying matters settled shortly after her testimony.
  • HCG believes in adding value to the process and charging a fair fee for the professional services provided. We believe our rate structure is reasonable, affordable and representative of the services provided.  We do prefer our clients to pay their invoices by check, but realize that isn't always possible.  And for that reason effective with June 2020 billing will be offering a credit card payment option upon request. 


We would welcome an opportunity to learn more about you and your concerns, while you become more familiar with Hyder's experience, skills, training and her unique approach to client matters. To schedule a time to speak with Cheryl Hyder, please email us at Info@HyderCPA.Com, and we'll be in touch as quickly as possible.








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